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01Sale of organic and inorganic chemicals and high-pressure gases

For more than half a century, Shimada Company Limited has provided organic and inorganic chemicals and high-pressure gases, the basic raw materials of industry. We are, therefore, known in the field of industry as the sole agent to a majority of manufactures. We are able to propose everything necessary to match the various needs of our customers, from transportation by the ship-load through to transportation using small tank trucks and polyethylene cans supported by our know how relating to chemical products that we have cultivated over long years and our broad network.


Inorganic chemicals Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, calcium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, soda ash, sodium nitrite, urea, nitric acid, ammonia water, hydrofluoric acid, hydrogen peroxide, titanium oxide, sulfur compounds (sulfur, sodium sulfide, sodium hydrogensulfite), aluminum compounds (polyaluminum chloride, aluminum hydroxide), iron compounds, (ferrous sulfate, ferric chloride solution), copper compounds (copper sulfate, cuprous chloride, cupric chloride), magnesium compounds (magnesium hydroxide, magnesium sulfate), phosphorous compounds (phosphate, sodium phosphate, phosphorous chloride), etc.
Organic chemicals Acrylonitrile, acetonitrile, acetone, IPA, ethylamine, ethylene glycol, methyl chloride, methylene chloride, acetic acid, silicone, DMF, methylamine, epichlorohydrin, propylene glycol, formalin, MMA, B.T.X, etc.
High-pressure gases and various types of coolants Ammonia, sulfurous acid gas, carbon dioxide gas, argon, nitrogen, oxygen, R-410a, R-407c, R-134a, R-22, etc.


Are you satisfied with current treatment methods? Instead of simply disposing of sludge, waste acid, waste alkali and waste plastic, why not consider recycling them using Shimada’s chemical sales network (with 2,000 users)?

Contaminated Soil

Creation of cement raw materials and sale as improved soil and reconditioned sand.

Inorganic Sludge

Sold as backfill material, roadbed material and filling.

Organic Sludge

Sold as soil improvement additives and water purifying materials.

Rare Metals


Waste Acid and Waste Alkali

Sold as fertilizer and pH neutralizer.

Waste plastic

Creation of Plastic Raw Materials, Combustion Improving Agents.


In addition to ordinary, poisonous and deleterious substances, Shimada Company Limited also imports and exports products in a wide variety of other fields. We handle all the troublesome trade transaction procedures for your company.

If any of the following apply to you, please feel free to contact us.

  • You use domestic raw materials, but would like to consider imported materials to reduce costs.
  • You would like to consider exporting for market expansion, but do not know much about exporting methods.
  • You are already engaged in importing and exporting, but find document creation and arrangement of transportation to be troublesome.

04Water and sewage cost reduction services

Inorganic chemical products established by us, including sulfuric acid, caustic soda, etc., have been contributing to various industrial fields for a long time as waste water treatment agents. Therefore, in addition to the importance of developing the field of industry, we also became aware of the importance of water at a very early stage, and we have created a system for meeting customer needs by engaging in tie-ups with a wide selection of trusted engineering manufacturers. If you are having water difficulties or if you are considering water recycling, we are looking forward to hearing from you.


Sale and installation of demineralizers, RO membrane modules, UF membrane modules, hollow fiber membrane modules, ozone generators, Devices for removing iron and manganese, water softeners, activated carbon devices, pool cleaners, various types of filters, filtering media and activated carbon.



1947 Established Shimada Shoten Company Limited.
Commenced sale of inorganic chemicals based on sulfuric acid.
1948 Opened Mukojima warehouse in Sumida-ku to expand the number of organic chemical products handled and streamline distribution.
1953 Warehouse moved to Koto Ward, it was renamed Oshima Warehouse.
1964 Founded the Osaka Branch office and progressed to Kansai area.
1970 Commenced reprocessing of chlorinated solvent and sales of products made from chlorinated solvent in cooperation with Towa Kako CO., Ltd. with technical guidance from Kanto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. and with a focus on preventing pollution and reusing environment cleaning resources.
1971 Commenced sales of pollution-free chemical cleaning agents for air conditioning equipment and water treatment agents.
1974 Commenced chemical product import/export business.
1983 Company's name was renamed 株式会社島田(Shimada Company Limited).And Osaka Branch office was renamed the Osaka business office.
1986 Transferred head office to Nihonbashi Kodenmacho in Chuo-ku. Constructed a computer network system and commenced online transactions with clients.
1992 Company's name was renamed 株式会社 シマダ(Shimada Company Limited).
1993 Commenced collection, transportation and treatment of industrial waste in order to deal with increasing environmental problems.
1996 Commenced sales of environmental-related equipment such as water purifier and exhaust equipment, dehydrators, demineralizers, etc. in order to expand environmental projects.
2000 Headquarters office moved to the current address.
2004 Invested in G・E TECHNOS Corporation, a contaminated soil intermediate-cleaning company.
2011 Promoted Osaka business office to the status of branch.
2015 Began capital tie-up with Icleen, Inc. and KOSHIN SERVICE Co., Ltd., industrial waste collection, transportation and intermediate-treatment companie.

Major customers

1. Glass industry

2. Fertilizer industry

3. Plating industry

4. Industrial waste treatment industry

5. Water purifying treatment industry

6. Electronic industry